Kusang is of many kinds. Once a person falls into wrong association, the decision of the intellect changes accordingly. Therefore, the spiritual aspirant is unable to judge with his own intellect that he has fallen into wrong association. Just as a drunkard’s intellect is effected according to the quantity of alcohol he has consumed, in the same way, the intellect loses its power of discrimination according to the degree of wrong association.

An alcoholic who was very drunk fell into a ditch. Somebody asked him, “How did you fall in there? Why don’t you go home?” Under the influence of alcohol he said, “O brother! I am at home.” Is he just putting on an act? No, he is so drunk and his intellect is so overpowered by the effect of the drink that this is what he genuinely feels. He is fully applying his intellect, but his power of reasoning is lost, so what can he do? Similarly, when we are influenced by wrong association, our intellect loses its discriminating power and we cannot actually determine that we have fallen into wrong association.


“Shri Krishna said: Just fix your mind upon Me and engage all your intelligence in Me. Thus you will live in Me always, without a doubt.”

“Realizing the Grace of God and Guru, be grateful to them all the time and try to shed tears”

“We never know when our life (body) is coming to an end. Hence, keep thinking about God all the time. Never ever forget Him”

” Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open ? “

“Every auspicious action should be performed with humility and while constantly remembering that God alone is our all‐in‐all.”

“Unless Shri Krishna Himself comes and wipes your tears with His own Pitambar, consider your ‘Sadhna’ as hypocritical”

“This world is a poisonous tree bearing poisonous fruits and the Guru is a never ending source of nectar”

“ Spiritual practice is possible only under the guidance of a True Saint or Master ”

“The way to achieve fearlessness is to become detached. That is also the science of work. Do your duty, but be detached from the results”

“Always Retain The Thought Of Hari-Guru In Your Mind And Heart”

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