By Shri Maharaj Ji

The spiritual teachings of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj are His greatest contribution to society. His philosophy concentrates on revealing the path to true happiness as described in our Sanatan Hindu scriptures.

It is the experience of almost every person, that mere material objects cannot completely satisfy the mind. It may provide temporary happiness, but will either consume the person completely or leave him dissatisfied after a while, making him want more of the same thing. Hence, this short-lived mirage of happiness is not what we truly seek.

Therefore, to quench the inner thirst, it is essential for every individual to sincerely seek the answer to the more profound questions in life. One must recognize this inner calling for true knowledge and not fall prey to procrastination. This is the very beginning of our spiritual journey for the ‘Absolute Truth’.


Almost Every Human Must Have Been Confronted By These Questions

The entire human kind is surrounded by various questions which are devoid of caste and creed, engulf both rich and poor, are associated with day to day life and daily routines, ponder our queries about happiness, satisfaction and prosperity, aims and objectives in our life. Despite of rigorous introspection and analysis, the answers are nowhere in sight. Can we see through them and find an answer to our ever-pondering questions about peace, satisfaction, happiness to lead a prosperous life.

Yes the answers to all your questions is an inherent part of well wishing life empowering discourses by His Lordship Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj. Watch their pravachans and His Lordship will empower your life and guide you to lead a prosperous,peaceful and happy life.

His Lordship Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj is only the 5th to hold the coverted honour of Jagadguru. His lordship’s Scholastic authority, Spiritual prowess, Divine Knowledge and magnetic oratory are mesmerizing. Millions of people were benefited by the virtue of Sadhana and guidance of his Lordship. His empowering personality and soothing guidance can steer your life towards your aims of leading a peaceful, prosperous and satisfactory life.


Who Am I ?

When a person is asked to introduce himself, he would say, ‘I am Krishna’. That is the person’s name, not his true identity. If we continue to question him in the same fashion, his answers would mostly talk about his country of origin, profession, state, class, religion etc. If prodded more, his exasperated answer would be, ‘I am a human being!’ He cannot go beyond that since he does not know any more about himself.

When a person dies, we say, ‘He has left this world.’ That might appear as a strange statement because we can clearly see the body of the person in front of our eyes. Then ‘who has left this world’? We could not see any entity leave the body. The consciousness in a body is due to the presence of the soul. Without the soul, the body is but a mass of flesh and bones that will decompose rapidly. We can perceive the soul by the presence of consciousness in the body.

Relation Between God And Us

There is only one God who is known by various names such as God, Brahman, Ishwar, Bhagwan, Khuda, Allah, Ahurmazda and so on. God is the Supreme Divine Entity who is almighty, omniscient, omnipresent, all-pervading and an unfathomable ocean of bliss.

All the living beings are inseparable and eternal parts of blissful God. Thus, the inherent nature of all living beings is to constantly desire happiness. The mundane or material world is exists for the welfare of your material self and senses. The happiness of the senses experienced in the world is not YOUR happiness. The Vedic scriptures explain that you are not the body; you are the divine soul. So “You” or “I” or the “Self” refers to the soul. We accept this fact only at the time of someone’s death, when we realize that the person has gone yet his body still remains here.

The only way to attain true happiness is to love God wholeheartedly, with exactly the same quality of relational love we would express towards our spouse, parents or children. God is formless, yet He descends in many human forms with all his divine powers to deliver the material beings. It is impossible to love a formless God.

All-merciful God has given us freedom to love Him in His personal form as a Master, Friend, Son, Beloved or Husband. The most complete, best and easiest way to love God as taught by us is explained in the book Philosophy Of Divine Love (प्रेम रस सिद्धांत) by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj.

What do i want?

Human life is a rare opportunity presented by God to the soul. Other species, such as plants, fishes, birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals, have only sufficient knowledge to survive. They cannot ask philosophic questions related to God, the Soul, Divine Love and the Goal of Life. They do not have sufficient knowledge to ponder over these topics. We are well aware of the prowess of the human mind and intellect.

Many of us are unwilling to bend our mind and seek to learn about God and His causeless merciful nature. Our mindset always questions the veracity of such “Claims” and dismisses the puritan thoughts of God, Saints and matters that are spiritual in nature. Instead, the human mind is ever ready to indulge in search and attainment of material pleasures without questioning whether material objects will give us true and everlasting happiness.

Main Kaun ? Mera Kaun ?

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मैं कौन ? मेरा कौन ?

by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj

How We Can Reach Our Goal

In general, there are four Yoga traditions. The remainder Yoga traditions fall into subgroups of these. It is very common for all Yoga traditions to be described as the means of heart and mind purification which can eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment. In fact, there are many paths expressed through many types of physical and mental practices. However, Bhakti Yoga is very unique and important.
Bhakti is a divine power. It is also called Divine Love. It is such an astonishing power that when great Gyani Saints absorbed in absolute truth come into contact with it, their bliss of impersonal divinity and state of Divine Samadhi is forcibly replaced by the sweetness of Divine Love. This is because Bhakti is the Supreme Personal Power of God.

Path of knowledge and wisdom


Path of love and devotion


Path of selfless and actions

Spend every second of your life in meditation (Sadhana) and in service of God and Guru.

You may not have Today’s opportunity again,
you may not have human body again.
Right now, you have the human body
and have also found the Guru.
Then why are you careless?

The Prescribed Path - Bhakti Yoga

One must engage in Bhakti Yoga to receive divine grace. Grace is the power that enlightens us with spiritual realization and Bhakti is the only means by which we can attain this grace, in other words. First, You need to do devotional Bhakti (Sadhna or preparatory Bhakti) and after your heart has become completely purified. Second, You receive divine Bhakti (Siddha Bhakti) with God’s Grace.

Bhakti Yoga is a very simple meditation process and easiest to practice. It yields the greatest spiritual benefits in the shortest time. Anyone can begin Bhakti Yoga Meditation – the only prerequisites are: Faith and a Desire for God.

How to Practice Devotion to God?