The RadhaGovind Public Charitable Trust, Jaipur is a Non-Profit, Charitable, Educational, Spiritual Organization, registered under Income Tax Exemption Act 80 (G) in Govt. of India, is established by SUSHRI SHREEDHARI DIDI JI (The Foremost Preacher of Fifth Original Jagadguru of This Age) in the year 2008.
Under the guidance of Poojniya Didi Ji, the Mission stands to pervade JAGADGURU SHRI KRIPALU JI MAHARAJ’S unparalleled spiritual messages through every part of the world and with this aim in view. It conducts various spiritual programs such as Spiritual Discourses, Sadhana Camps etc. The mission also organizes different social activities to promote humanity.


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For the implementation and the attainment of the aims and objectives, we use to accept gifts, donations, contributions and offerings in any form of movable or immovable property, acquire land for the use and development of the Trust.

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Acquire, construct, purchase or take on hire any movable or immovable property for the use, benefit of the Trust, to manage and protect the same.

Adopt modern means for propagating the workings of the Trust, publish, produce and sell books, literature, Magazines, CD’s, DVD’s etc. for the benefit of the Trust. The outcome of the works mentioned herein shall be used only for the working and development of the trust.

Plan, manage and organize discourse, Sammelans, Sankirtan programs, other occasional programs, events related to local festivals, etc. linked with the ancient culture and social heritage of BHARAT-VARSH.


In its seven years of service period, the Trust is quickly gaining popularity in JAIPUR city and nearby areas. The Trust is associated with other Social Trusts and Societies to help them financially in their respective social causes. For social welfare, our Trust is helping the following Organizations/ Trusts/ Societies in Jaipur.

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For poor section of the society, we use to distribute Cloths, Utensils, Blankets, Food Items, Stationary Material for Children, Bags, Water Bottles etc. from time to time. For spiritual upliftment of the society our Trust organizes Divine Spiritual Educational Lectures. By these lectures, we use to propagate the Sanatan Vaidic Dharm knowledge so that we can help in the Mental upliftment of the society as well besides helping them materially.
The Trust objectives aim at the devotional upliftment of mankind through the Teachigs and Knowledge inspired by the Bhagwad Geeta, Vedas, Upnishads etc. and for the same purpose special camps are held throughout the year at various places in Jaipur and nearby areas. The aim of the Trust is to educate the common man about the ethics and values of true Sanatan Vaidic Dharm so that they may achieve a state of mental peace and harmony so as to make our world a better place to live.
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These activities are an expression of the Grace and compassion of

Shri Maharaj Ji upon the souls of the world.

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When you do selfless service to God without expecting anything in return, the irony is that God gives you the best even without asking for it.

“Shri Krishna said: Just fix your mind upon Me and engage all your intelligence in Me. Thus you will live in Me always, without a doubt.”

“Realizing the Grace of God and Guru, be grateful to them all the time and try to shed tears”

“We never know when our life (body) is coming to an end. Hence, keep thinking about God all the time. Never ever forget Him”

” Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open ? “

“Every auspicious action should be performed with humility and while constantly remembering that God alone is our all‐in‐all.”

“Unless Shri Krishna Himself comes and wipes your tears with His own Pitambar, consider your ‘Sadhna’ as hypocritical”

“This world is a poisonous tree bearing poisonous fruits and the Guru is a never ending source of nectar”

“ Spiritual practice is possible only under the guidance of a True Saint or Master ”

“The way to achieve fearlessness is to become detached. That is also the science of work. Do your duty, but be detached from the results”

“Always Retain The Thought Of Hari-Guru In Your Mind And Heart”

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