A True Guru’s Satsang or Association

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Faithful association with a true Guru is called ‘satsang’. The word satsang means ‘sat’ divine, and ‘sang’ association. This association can be either mental, physical, or both. You may mentally remember the Saint and be physically far from him, or you may be physically in his association, lecture, meeting or meditation with others.

Satsang is a tremendous opportunity to receive the Divine vibrations of a Saint. In general, a true Saint will create many opportunities for his disciples to have satsang.

During his lifetime, a Saint will distribute his grace and knowledge through his personal association, lectures, books or any other kind of medium.

He may establish centers such as an ashram, a purely devotional environment for the spiritual upliftment of his disciples. An ashram will offer programs that reinforce that Saint’s devotional guidelines in the form of satsang, classes, and retreats.

Staying in an ashram is a time of devotional renewal for those who visit, and is a rare and uplifting opportunity to practice continuous bhakti meditation away from the many distractions of daily living. A Saint imbues his grace in his ashram so a soul may benefit from that environment whether the Saint is physically present or not.

“With one hand the Spiritual Guide holds his disciple’s hand, and with his other hand, he holds the hand of God. Then he joins the hand of the disciple with the hand of God.”Ramakrishna Paramahansa

“How fortunate is that soul who has attained satsang! Without the least effort, he crosses this ocean of ignorance.”Goswami Tulsidas.