The Key to God Realization

April 1, 2019



Longing for God is the only price one has to pay for attaining Him. Generally, people long for mother, father, husband, wife, even the cat, a dog and the canary. While many have a burning desire for a promotion, a million-dollar lottery, a big home and a fancy car. However, rare indeed is the individual who has an intense longing for unity with God.
Those who have a natural desire for God have worked on it in previous lifetimes. If you were not born with a longing for God, you will have to develop it in this life. Ask yourself, “Why do I have such a strong desire for worldly people and material goods?” Your answer will be, “It is because they will give me satisfaction and happiness.” Therefore, it is happiness that you really want; it is satisfaction that you desire. Well, you should know that God is the source of unlimited happiness, and He is the one Who can give you the ultimate satisfaction.

First, understand from the innermost core of your mind that God is the only one Who is truly yours.

In the Gita, Shree Krishn says,
“The individual soul is an eternal fraction of Myself.”

Since you are the soul, the material world cannot be yours, nor can you be of the world. Moreover, the material world cannot satisfy the quest of your soul which is Divine by nature.

Realize that God alone can fulfill the desire of your soul. Then you will accept God to be your only refuge and the beloved of your soul. Longing for Him will follow automatically.

Shree Maharajji describes in one of his pads, “Gaho Re Man, Shyam Charan Sharanaee” –

“O my mind! Seek shelter at the lotus feet of Shree Krishn. The ones you call your own – mother, father, brother, wife, husband, son and daughter – no one will accompany you when you leave your body and travel to unknown lands. Moreover, there is no other way to escape from demons in the form of lust, anger, pride, greed, desire and attachment, except by surrendering to Shree Krishn. The material world is a mirage, containing not even a trace of real happiness. Wealth, youth and life itself are all temporary, disappearing like camphor. O foolish mind! You may not be blessed with the human birth again for a long time. This golden opportunity will not be given to you again and again, for it is a rare and precious gift. So wake up!”